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May 2018

Eleanor was chosen for her hard work, perseverance and resilience towards improving her reading . Miss Vyse has been impressed with how well she is now answering written questions ensuring she has included all the necessary evidence.
Thomas received an award for a piece of homework which inspired other children in his group to work on an advertising campaign for a Mexican holiday resort. He has proved himself to be a good leader and has rediscovered his great enthusiasm for school! Priya has worked hard to transfer her amazing ideas for writing onto the page. She read out her super description of how a group of Stoneage people hunted down and killed a deer.
Amelia impressed Miss Best with her astonishing batting technique in cricket, Russell, the coach, struggled to get her out. She gave us some good tips for improving our technique. Alice and Erin were both awarded certificates for their super instruction writing, both had written detailed instructions for making 'George's Marvellous Medicine' making good use of imperative verbs.
Well done to all our head teacher award winners this week. We are immensely proud of you all.

Just two star readers this week - well done Toby and Maisie, Toby has shown real determination with his reading and his resilience and perseverance are paying off as his fluency and comprehension are improving every day. Maisie has also been progressing well with her reading and is beginning to read with more expressions and fluency.
Well done to you both.

Our Premier League certificates chosen by the year 6 circle group leaders were awarded to Eva Lily for being connected, the leaders have been impressed with how she is contributing more in circle group discussions. Jaime received the 'Being fair' certificate for allowing other children to sit on the chairs, Josephine has been inspiring red house by always being seen to be doing the right thing and being an excellent role model and Yasmin has impressed other players at football club so was awarded a certificate for being ambitious.
Well done girls.

Well done to Erin who has won this week's cakes for coaches raffle organised by the Friends.
Our headteacher award winners this week are: Mariam, for the outstanding progress she has made with her maths. Dylan for the resilience he has shown towards work in booster sessions, he too has made incredible progress because he has worked hard.
Evie produced a great leaflet all about rock pools, Charlie created an amazing video showing the differences between living in the stoneage and living in 2018, such a professional production - we all really enjoyed watching it and learned so much too!
Finn has been working incredibly hard in all areas of the curriculum with great success. He approaches everything with a keen enthusiasm and Alfie has been listening carefully to Russell Cole the cricket coach and has been applying his newly acquired skills to impress Miss Best with his tremendous batting skills.
This weeks' star readers were Sophie who has discovered David Walliams' books and can't get enough of them! Alfie for being an enthusiastic reader and beginning to write his own comments in his reading diary, Santi for reading competently and for so much additional reading over the Easter break and Anjali whose reading has really taken off.

Our Premier League awards chosen by the Year 6 circle group leaders were awarded to: Mariam for being inspiring, Florence for being ambitious, Evangeline for being connected and Jessica for being fair.

Well done to all of our award winners this week, we are immensely proud of all of you.

It has been an incredibly busy week with so much going on. On Tuesday Badger Class were visited by Wood, Mema and Skinnit all the way from the Stoneage. They had an incredible day immersing themselves in the Stoneage - check out Badger Class' blog to see all the exciting activities they took part in.
During the afternoon, a netball team from Oak Class took part in a Cluster school's tournament at Wymondham High School. They had only recently started training together and demonstrated great resilience after losing their first match, they didn't give up but just got better and better with every match they played. They ended up coming 3rd in their group which is a great achievement. Well done to Lucy, Teila, Alfie, Dylan, Georgie, Edie, Nancy and Joseph.

Finally we are really proud of the school choir - all 43 of them, who sang at The Big Sing on Thursday 3rd May at The Norfolk Showground. The event was organised by the Norfolk Music Hub and was a huge success featuring live performances by Alexandra Burke and Kirsten Joy from Clean Bandit. The choir sang with 9000 other children and had an amazing morning! The event was even featured on the local news! Well done to them all and to the parent helpers who accompanied us and made it all possible.

April 2018

Joseph was delighted to receive his pen licence, he has been really working hard to improve his handwriting and all the perseverance has paid off - well done Joseph!

Joseph also received a Headteacher award for scoring 24/24 in the year 5 spelling test this week. Georgie has worked really hard with her Spelling Punctuation and Grammar and has made tremendous progress with this.
Oliver has shown a much improved attitude towards all of his work and has been challenging himself more in recent weeks. Keep up the good work Oliver.
Florence and Belle have both written super recounts, thinking carefully about their joined cursive writing and trying hard to use headings!
Megan has produced a great cave painting, she has shown that she believes in herself, has researched cave paintings and produced a great horse painting. She was able to tell us all about the colours and materials used as well.
Felicity read loads over the Easter holidays and all of her hard work has resulted in her moving up a book band and being really enthusiastic about her reading.
Our star readers this week are Jaime, Thomas and Hetti, Jaime has shown great empathy for characters in the story 'Stoneage Boy, Hetti has been working hard with her reading comprehension, with great results and Thomas always hands in his reading diary on time and makes insightful comments about his reading. Well done to you all.
Our Premier League awards this week, selected by our circle group leaders were presented to Theo D for being connected during the athletics event this week he performed really well. Sophie W was selected for being ambitious, the group leaders have noticed that she is contributing much more readily in circle group sessions. Tilly received the 'Be fair' certificate for helping out with the younger children and Megan has been awarded the 'be inspiring' award for helping out with the younger children during circle group sessions and setting a good example to the others.

Well done to all our award winners this week.

Rory and Sophie are delighted to receive their pen licences - all that hard work and perseverance has paid off. Well done to you both!
Our star readers this week are Maisie and Fleur, Maisie has impressed Miss Vyse with the improvement with her comprehension skills and the way she has been evidencing detailed answers from the text. Fleur has impressed Miss Best with her commitment to reading during the Easter holidays. Well done to you both.
Our Premier League stars this week have been chosen by our year 6 circle group leaders, well done to Pippa for always doing the right thing and inspiring the other children to do the same. Fleur for being connected and helping out with the younger children. Amelia for being fair and really helpfully allowing other children to go before her and Sophie for being ambitious as she has been more confident about answering questions and putting forward her ideas in Circle Group time.
This week's Head teacher awards were presented to Alister, for his dedication to the daily mile - a future marathon runner maybe? Airlie for her super writing about the Easter holidays and a return to the beautifully presented work. Tilly for a super letter written in role as a girl from the Stone Age, Maya for the progress she is making in maths, she is working so very hard and really enjoying challenging herself and Theo M for his geometric shape knowledge and the correct use of mathematical vocabulary in this area.
Well done to all our award winners this week.

We held a 'Mad Hair/Hare Day' today to raise money for the charity Break who are sponsoring the Go Go Hare trail this year. The children's hairstyles were amazing as you can see from the selection of photos!  We were delighted to raise £81.50. Thank you to everyone for your support.

March 2018

Our special end of term awards for children who have worked incredibly hard throughout the entire Spring term have been awarded to Jacob and Albert from Badger Class, Cassie and Sophie from Fox Class, Jacob from Squirrel Class and Kayla and Bea from Oak Class, huge congratulations to you all - this is a great achievement to receive and we are incredibly proud of you all.
Our Golden Star awards were presented to Wilf, Edie, Freya and Alfie, well done to all of you.
As part of our celebration of World Book Day, Sophie has won the family Fairy Tale anagram competition and Daniel won the Extreme Reading competition.
Well done to all the families and children who entered  both competitions.

Sport Relief:
The children had fun either wearing sports' clothes or something red. We raised an amazing £136 for Sport Relief by doing so.
We had a Treasure Hunt where we worked in mixed age groups to hunt for letters hidden around the playground. We then had to unscramble the letters to work out the phrase...The Daily Mile... well done to everyone for persevering and working well in your teams.
The whole school competed in a 'Run to London' every child in the school ran for a mile which we worked out was about the distance from Spooner Row to London! Well done everyone!

Erin received an award for her writing. She wrote a story based on a book Fox Class had read. Mrs Ward was really impressed that she had included all of the grammar and punctuation expected for the year 2s.
Lucy had written a newspaper article based on the Norwich Blitz. She wrote it independently and tried really hard using a wide range of KS2 punctuation.
Jamie has worked really hard with his spelling, he achieved 64 out of 64 in the year 2 spelling test and has also been using and applying these words in his writing.
Well done to you all.

Our star readers of the week were Honor for working hard on her reading enabling her to move up a book band. Well done Honor. Eleanor has been working really hard to find evidence to support her reading comments.
Well done to both our star readers this week.

Our Premier stars award winners chosen by the Circle group leaders were Freya, for being fair for not being disappointed when she wasn’t chosen to answer a question.
Jacob was chosen for being inspiring as he always sets a good example during circle groups and lets others have a turn before himself.
Charlie was chosen for being ambitious, he is involved in many extra curricular clubs, rugby, coding and cross country which shows he takes part in lots of activities.
Belle won the ‘being connected’ award as she always works well with a partner and helps them out even if they are older than her.
Cassie, Isla and Elsie all took part in a gymnastics competition. Isla won a gold, a silver and a bronze medal, Cassie won Silver and gold and Elsie won a gold medal. Very well done to you all.

Well done to all our award winners this week.

February 2018

All of the year 6s showed us their wonderfully creative Anderson Shelters which they built as part of their homework. We were so impressed with the different materials used and the ingenious designs - well done to you all.
Well done to our year 4 cyclists who completed their basic skills level 1 cycling course yesterday. They told us of all the skills they had to master in order to pass.
Our Star Readers this week are Angus and Jacob who have been challenging themselves and showing great enthusiasm for their reading.
Congratulations to Atlanta and Bea who have been awarded their pen licences this week, thier hard work and perseverance has paid off - well done girls!
We celebrated some great sporting achievements this week, Joe and Jack represented the Wymondham Cluster in the South Norfolk School's swimming gala on Thursday 22nd February, both did exceptionally well, Joe won the freestyle relay along with other children from the cluster schools and Jack won his individual freestyle, breaststroke and medley relay. The Wymondham Cluster finished in first place and we look forward to hearing whether Joe and Jack will represent the cluster at the next level. It was wonderful to see the tremendous camaraderie and support towards others in the team. Well done boys, we are immensely proud of you both!
Alfie has been awarded his blue belt with brown tabs in Tae Kwondo and is already working towards his brown belt. He gave us a little demonstration of some of the moves he had to complete. Well done Alfie!
Further awards went to Daniel, for his excellent character description of Willie Beech, he used super language and punctuation in his writing.
Theo and Atlanta have both impressed Miss Vyse with their amazingly good homework tasks which they have enjoyed completing. Atlanta cooked a delicious toad in the hole and Theo produced some work on Morse code. Well done and keep up the great work!
Isabelle has been applying her spellings to her writing, we were all very impressed with her beautiful handwriting as well!
Stanley has been writing independently, again, the presentation of his writing is super! Joe has created a wonderful non chronological report on the Arctic wolf and told us some fascinating facts about its poor eyesight! Amelia has completed some great collaborative work on fractions, representing fractions in as many ways as she could, including using orange segments!!
Well done to all our award winners this week!

January 2018

Theo D, Georgie and Regan have all been awarded their pen licences, congratulations to you for persevering to improve your handwriting.
Albert, Theo M, Jessica and Yasmin are this week's star readers. Albert has worked hard to become a free reader. Theo did really well in his SATs reading paper, remembering to give lots of evidence in his answers. Jessica has moved up a book band and has shown great enthusiasm for her reading and Yasmin also has been reading with great enthusiasm and shows a great attitude towards her reading.
Martha has worked really hard to become a much more independent writer, we were all really impressed with her story about Rose the crazy guinea pig!! Isla has been working well on her addition, she told us that she prefers literacy, but we were pleased that she has been working hard with her maths and has been practising the newly taught column method.
Megan has also been working well in maths, she has been using models and images to help with multiplication which has in turn helped her with her Magic 10. She explained what Magic 10 is to the whole school. Well done Megan!
Bea received an award for her overall enthusiasm for everything about school from maths to clubs to reading and even tests!! Well done Bea - you are such an inspiration!!
Georgie has impressed Miss Vyse this week with her excellent improvement in her arithmetic, Georgie listened to and applied feedback resulting in a much improved score.
We were all blown away by Isla's 1000m swimming certificate 1 whole kilometre of swimming....very impressive for a year 2!!!!
Our Premier League certificates this week were awarded to Priya for 'being connected', she has been commended for the ideas she brings to Circle Groups and the way she shares these. Our 'Be inspiring' award goes to Leila who is always ready to listen and to learn. Leonie received an award for 'being fair' as she lets other children take turns before her and Honor has been chosen for 'Being Ambitious' because she challenges herself and brings good ideas to circle groups.

Well done to all our award winners this week!!

Daniel has been working really hard with his handwriting to achieve his pen licence -Well done to you.
Our Premier League Primary Stars awards this week were given to Bea for 'being fair', Angus for 'being inspiring' and Joe C for 'being connected'. The circle groups leaders explained to the whole school why they had been chosen. Bea, for always doing the right thing and listening carefully, Angus who is an excellent role model despite being young and Joe for his caring attitude and including friends in games at break time.
Good work certificates this week were awarded to Regan who shone in netball sessions this week, knowing which passes to use in certain play situations and he explained each of these passes to the whole school.
Charlotte has been working really hard and made astonishing progress with her arithmetic knowledge, keep up the good work Charlotte. Ryan impressed us all with his amazing writing which he also read to us all. Super work Ryan - well done! Noah has shown great enthusiasm for Badger Class' new topic looking at The Arctic and The Antarctic, he has shared some books from home and would love to visit Antarctica. Before Christmas, Nathan had shown a much improved attitude towards his learning and his concentration had improved greatly - keep up the good work this term Nathan! Hetti impressed us with her super writing, she answered questions about her writing in front of the whole school and entertained us all with her responses and tales! Josephine has been challenging herself in all areas of the curriculum striving to do well in all that she does. What a great attitude Josephine - keep up the great work!

Well done to Olivia-Mai for all the reading she did over the holiday and for the great progress she is making. Super reading from Lois during her reading assessments this week, Miss Vyse was really impressed with all the evidence she gave in her responses.

December 2017

Our end of term celebration awards were given to Erin, Bobby, Lara, Isabel, Teila, Thomas, Jessica and Amelia. These awards are given to children who have shown a consistent effort throughout the whole term. We are very proud of all our children but these 8 have been identified for an extra special award.
Our golden star award winners were Alfie, Amelia and Honor, these children have been placed on the 'golden star' in their classrooms for an action within the classroom. Well done to each of you.
Nancy won George Freeman's Christmas card design competition. Her design features on George's Christmas cards this year and featured in the EDP.

Well done to all our award winners.

Star Readers this week are Charlie for his increased fluency, Tilly for showing perseverance and a great maturity when tackling a reading assessment and Maisie for working really hard with her reading both at home and at school.
Lucy, Millie, Eleanor, Teila and Maisie have all successfully passed their on road cycling course which they have been working towards this term. Congratulations and safe cycling to you all.
Our Premier League Primary Star awards which are awarded by our circle group leaders this week go to Santi for being inspiring with his amazing solo in the Christmas Play, 'Born in a Barn'. Ollie was given the award for being ambitious with his super football skills in yesterday's Intra House football competition - well done to the Yellow House for winning the tournament. Daniel was awarded the 'Be Connected' award for working with the rest of the cast in the Christmas play 'Christmas is Forever'.
Noah sent a poem he had written to Blue Peter and was awarded a Blue Peter badge.
Alfie has swum an amazing 650m - what an achievement!
Albert, Leonie, Priya and Alfie were all awarded good work certificates for being such super singers in the Christmas play, their enthusiasm shone through all the rehearsals and the actual performances - well done to you - I hope you will all join the school choir next term! Eleanor received an award for being an excellent role model and growing in confidence since being in year 6, she can always be relied upon to be doing the right thing and leads her circle group really competently.
Isabelle has been working really hard to get her work completed in the time allowed and it is really paying off and Anjali has shown great perseverance and resilience with her cursive handwriting which she is now producing all the time in her written work.
A huge congratulations to all our award winners this week.


On Thursday 7th December Miss Hanton took  four school council members from Year 6 to decorate their Christmas tree. Teila, Daniel, Edie and Nancy had a great time decorating the tree as you can see from the photos! Click here to see the video

This week we would like to congratulate Theo and Maisie for their increased Growth Mindset - both have shown greater confidence and are developing their resilience and perseverance which in turn is having a positive impact on their learning - well done to you both.
Finn and Belle have also been showing resilience and perseverance with their cursive handwriting, Miss Hanton is looking forward to seeing evidence of their handwriting later!
Airlie has received an award for her kindness and helpfulness - a nurse of the future maybe? Alfie and Dylan have both been recognised for their responses in a guided reading session, Dylan in particular for likening extracts of the text to his own experiences and Alfie for his expert knowledge of vocabulary.
Well done to all our award winners this week.
Our star readers this week are Alice for showing enthusiasm with her reading in school and Daniel for becoming a free reader. Well done and keep up the good work.
Sporting achievements go to Eleanor for her karate grading where she received her brown belt with white stripes, next stop black belt!! Angus has achieved his 12m swimming certificate and Nellie has been awarded her orange teeshirt in karate.
Finally - well done to Rafa, Charlie and Thomas for obtaining your pen licences - all that perseverance with your neatly joined cursive writing has paid off!

Our Star Readers this week are: Sophie, Georgie and Daniel - it was so lovely to hear how much reading Sophie has been doing at home and how fluent her reading is getting. Georgie has been working hard to answer tricky reading questions and even helping others in her group and Daniel's reading goes from strength to strength as he is working so hard to learn his lines for the Christmas play - we are all looking forward to seeing Scarymonger on the stage!!
Eva-Lily received a good work award for the work she was doing on money in maths last week  - well done to you. Stanley has been using his new lap top to work on all sorts of games which are helping with his learning - great job Stanley! Oliver has written an excellent myth based on Beowulf using fantastic vocabulary choices. I look forward to seeing the completed book Oliver! Jaime has shown a talent for dance and choreography whilst working on the Christmas Play - watch out Strictly - Jaime's heading for the glitter ball!
Kayla has shown great Growth Mindset by putting herself out of her comfort zone in role as a circle group leader - she now shows great confidence when leading Yellow house in circle group sessions.
Theo L, Joseph and Daniel H all wrote excellent recount letters in role as Beowulf. Theo's handwriting is amazing - no going back to your previous handwriting Theo! Joseph wrote both good quality and quantity, made great vocabulary choices and has also worked hard to improve his handwriting and Daniel wrote the most he has written this year, great quality too! Well done to all our budding authors in Oak Class this week.

Our Premier League 'Be Inspiring' award goes to Jaime for always being ready for Circle groups and being an excellent role model. Martha was chosen for the 'Be Connected' award for working well with her partner and helping her partner and Fleur wins the 'Be Ambitious' award for working so hard to learn all the lines in her role as Jane Blonde in the Christmas play.

Well done Cassie for winning the Friends' Cakes for Coaches raffle.

Well done to all our award winners this week.

November 2017

Brady was awarded a certificate for his retelling of the Beowulf story.
Sophie showed great defense skills in a football session, the attackers found her virtually impossible to get past! Well done Sophie, hopefully you will start coming to football club after Christmas!
Alex has been working well in maths this week and has shown himself to be really good with money - an accountant of the future perhaps? He was also rewarded for helping other children in Fox Class. Well done to you all.

Our star readers this week are Casey, Martha and Rory. Casey for her love of reading, Martha for working hard on her phonics both at home and at school and for reading lots. Rory has settled into the year 5 routines and has been writing some great comments in his reading record - well done!

We have had lots of sporting achievements this week, Noah, Charlie and Alfie played in a tag rugby tournament with Wymondham Rugby Club and were awarded medals and certificates.
Charlie and Jack both received their brown tabs on blue belts in Tae Kwondo - well done boys, both are now working towards their brown belts. Bea was awarded her blue tabs on her green belt and is now working towards her blue belt. Well done to you!


Our Premier League award winners are: Leila who was selected for the 'Be Fair' award, Finn for being inspiring, Sophie for being ambitious and Josephine from being connected. These award winners are nominated by the y6 Circle group leaders. Well done to you all.
Good work awards go to: Edie for her super work in science, Sophie for showing a much more committed approach to her learning both at home and at school, Rory, for his well-written and well-presented Anglo Saxon acrostic poem, Florence and Ami for their well organised maths addition and subtraction work and for having a go at answering questions on the carpet and Alfie for his addition work in maths.
Our star readers this week were Honor, Alister and Bea. Well done to you all.


This weeks' star readers are: Santi, Theo, Charlie and Jack all rewarded for their excellent attitude towards reading.
Our Premier League awards, chosen by our Year 6 circle group leaders are: Jack for being inspiring, Theo for being connected, Evie for being ambitious and Joseph for being fair. Well done to all of you, it is especially good to be recognised by fellow pupils for your achievements.
Our good work award winners this week are Yasmin, Isabel, Florence and Joe for their excellent advert for a viking shield which we enjoyed watching during assembly. The videos are available to watch on the Badger Class blog.
Theo, Teila, and Millie were given an award for their excellent homework relating to the Anglo Saxons topic they have been studying.
Lucy and Mariam were awarded for their perseverance and resilience which has had a huge affect on the quality of their work.
Cassie and Leila were rewarded for their paper dolls stories and for using their spellings effectively in their writing.
Jack, Teila, Kayla and Mariam were all awarded their pen licences this week - well done to you all for working so hard with your handwriting and the presentation of your work.
Well done to Bea for winning the Friends' cakes for coaches raffle this month.
And finally a huge well done to the children who took part in the South Norfolk Cross Country Competition at Fritton Lake yesterday. All of the children represented the school brilliantly and we were delighted with the results. We are particularly proud of Alfie and Josephine who due to finishing 2nd and 8th respectively, are through to the Norfolk competition in February.

October 2017

Hetti received an award in maths for creating number sentences from number cards.
Elsie wrote a super story about pumpkin soup.
Thomas was awarded a certificate for his maths as he has shown a great improvement in his score for multiples and division facts of 6x tables
Nancy wrote an excellent description of Grendel's lair.
Toby has been using base 10 to find lots of different ways to make 532 and  Joseph has been enjoying the challenges whilst rounding numbers to 10, 100, 1000.

In circle groups this week our fairness award was given to Erin from Blue House for helping other children in her circle group, even those older than her and Casey from Yellow House was awarded a certificate for being ambitious for not giving up on her goal to be a gymnast.
The Star readers of the week were: Jamie, Charlotte and Evangeline.
Well done to all our award winners this week.

September 2017

Thomas Freya and Isabel all completed the library service reading challenge.
Freya, Jessica, Olivia-Mai and Isla all worked really hard on their summer journals over the holidays. We were very impressed by the amount and quality of writing.
Jacob and Daniel both produced some excellent summer holiday homework activities. Daniel had worked so hard with his handwriting by drafting first.
Erin and Bel were star readers from Badger and Fox Class.
All of Squirrel Class were congratulated for a super first week at school and all of Oak Class were commended for sleeping soundly at Hilltop  earlier this week as well as for challenging themselves in all the outdoor adventurous activities.
Well done to all our award winners.

July 2017

Sports awards - our year 1 and 2 gymnasts got through to the regional competition in Essex on 12th July - they performed well despite many unexpected changes to the rules and routines. They were by far the smallest school represented and did brilliantly to make it through to the regional competition, the best Norfolk school!
Congratulations to Isla, Amie, Isobel, Noah, Bel and Jaime, not only did you perform well at the competition but you also represented Spooner Row Primary School superbly!


Congratulations to our golden star award winners this term - these are the children who have done something extraordinary to see their name move onto the golden star in their classroom. At the end of each term, one child's name is picked from the selection and is awarded a golden star. Our proud recipients this term were Lillie, Amie, Regan and Airlie - well done to each of you.
Our special award winners for the Summer term are children who have shown a sustained effort over the entire term or have made exceptional progress over the term. Our congratulations go to Andrew, Charlie, Fleur, Olivia-Mai, Airlie, Hetti, Jaime and Maisie - a HUGE well done to you all - you have worked so hard and thoroughly deserve to feel immensely proud of yourselves and all that you have achieved.


This week's star readers are Grace and Toby - keep up the good work!
Megan, Jacob and Joseph D all received a headteacher's award for their great work over the whole term - a huge congratulations to you all.
Our summer term art competition based on famous landmarks was judged and the prize winners were Isabelle, Millie and Florence. Noah, Nancy, Cassie, Honor and Megan were all awarded highly commended certificates. Well done to all of you artists!
Our writing improvement theme this term has been narrative writing and all the children in the school entered a short story writing competition. The winners were: Freya, from Squirrel Class, Santi from Year 1, Joseph from Year 2, Albert from Year 3, Sophie from Year 4, Georgina from Year 5 and Megan from Year 6. Their stories will feature in a school short story book - well done to you budding authors!


Rafa received an award for commitment and improvement in his tennis and cricket sessions.
Autumn has shown great maturity and been an excellent role model.
Rory received his award for his engagement with the class novel and excellent recall of facts from the story.
Erin displayed a great 'warrior pose' and 'split step' in tennis and Lois, Maya, Georgie, Willow and Nancy all have put in a sustained effort to improve their homework tasks.
There were lots of sporting awards this week, Theo made it through to the quarter final of a football tournament and Charlie, Jack and Rafa won the tournament, playing for Morley FC, they played 7 games without conceding a single goal - Well done lads!
Georgie completed an amazing 25 mile Cyclathon - well done to all our sports stars this week.
Our star readers this week were Andrew, Martha, Poppy, Ollie and Amelia - well done to you all and keep up the good work.
Finn won the final Friends cakes for coaches raffle  of the year.

June 2017

All of Squirrel Class were awarded a Headteacher award for their helpfulness towards the new intake children who have been visiting the school over the past few weeks.
Angus & Isobel were both given awards for their super writing and Leonie wrote a super balanced argument.
Bea received a bronze medal in a Tai Kwondo competition.
This weeks' star readers are Alister, Casey and Brady - well done to you all.

This week's star readers are Megan, Millie, Florence, Maisie and Jaime. Keep up the good work girls!
Our head teacher award winners are Jamie for challenging himself in maths, even working on some of the year 2 maths!
Freya for writing a description of a rocket using similes. Isla received an award for some super writing about a visit to the beach where she caught over 100 crabs!!.
Well done to Airlie for beginning to join some of your letters in the cursive handwriting style. Thomas and Jack have been interpreting distance/time graphs in maths in Badger Class.
Congratulations to Joe C who has been proving himself to have a great attitude towards all aspects of his learning in school and has been really putting in a sustained effort. Alexander has been working hard to learn his lines for the leavers' play and has been impressing Miss Vyse with his acting skills and Noah impressed Miss Hanton and Mrs Baker with his Magic Eye poem performance in Oak Class. Eleanor showed some great cricket skills at the girls' cricket tournament especially whilst fielding.
Alfie received an award for his work in PSHE where he took himself out of his comfort zone, taking risks with his learning.
A big 'Well done' to all our award winners this week.
There were lots of sporting achievements this week.
Our Year 1/2 gymnasts have been selected to go through to the regional finals in Essex on 12th July - huge congratulations to them.
Noah has been busy playing and winning a medal in tennis and getting his level 3 swimming award. Jack, Rafa, Theo L and Charlie all received awards at Morley Football Club end of season awards ceremony.
Jack came joint first in a Tai Kwondo tournament - one to watch as a future Olympian perhaps?
Congratulations to all our award winners! Keep up the good work!


This week's star readers are Theo for his higher level reading skills following a drama session based on a poem and Honor for moving up a book band and working really hard with her reading at home.
Our head teacher award winners are Alice for her super writing about Beegu and Bob the spaceman, Jessica for working hard with her phonics and having the best day ever yesterday - keep up the good work Jessica. Andrew for playing really well at the cricket tournament this week. Congratulations to Priya for settling into Badger Class so well and for some super drama skills based on a poem this week and well done to Maisie for your super counting on and formation of you written numbers.
Our cricket teams have been busy this week, on Wednesday our year 5 and 6 team took part in a chance to Shine tournament at Old Buckenham cricket club and had a thoroughly enjoyable day coming 4th overall.
Our year 5 and 6 girls' team played in a tournament at Great Melton cricket club on Thursday and their playing improved tremendously as the tournament progressed - well done to both teams for representing Spooner Row Primary School so brilliantly.
Congratulations to all our award winners this week and keep up the good work!

This week's star readers are Joseph, Anjali and Evie - well done to you all.
Eva-Lily has settled really well into Fox class and has been working really hard with her writing. Alex has also been trying hard with his writing and is starting to join his letters. Olivia Mai also impressed us all with her writing and spelling this week. Joe and Alfie have both designed beautiful book covers for their short stories and written excellent blurbs which encouraged us all to want to read their stories and Sophie designed and made a fabulous alien with 5 googly eyes. Well done to all our award winners this week.

May 2017

All of Badger Class received an award this week for their excellent rivers and mountains homework projects which they showcased for the parents this week - take a look at the Badger Class blog to see the wonderful projects.
All of the year 2s who completed their KS1 SATs tests last week received an award for working so very hard both in the lead up to and during their tests.
Maisie in Squirrel Class received an award for her positive attitude which Mrs Newbery has witnessed in the past 2 weeks and Isabelle wrote a fantastic story based on the film of Winter the dolphin. Well done to both girls!
Alex wrote a fabulous fantasy story opening  which I am really looking forward to reading and Teila has settled into Oak Class really well since joining the school recently and has impressed Miss Vyse with all of her hard work. Well done to you both.
Our star readers this week were Nathan and Lucy and Lucy also received her pen licence - all that perseverance and determination has paid off! Well done!
Congratulations to our swimmers for achieving their distance certificates: Mariam, Theo L, Daniel, Sophie W, Rafa, Theo D and Sophie G have all made a great start to their swimming journeys in improved confidence and distance. Well done!
40 of our children took part in a Tri Golf Tournament at Barnham Broom Golf Club on Tuesday and one team were awarded medals - well done to Eva, Joseph D, Toby, Alfie, Isabel, Charlie, Noah, Evie and Jamie. Continuing with the sporting theme, Bea, Charlie, Jack and Alfie have all been awarded further Tai Kwondo belts - well done to you.


Congratulations to Alfie and Noah who were awarded players of the season at Wymondham Rugby Club,out of 30 children the boys were chosen along with one other boy, a great achievement and recognition for their hard work and commitment to their team over the whole season - well done boys.
Our Star readers this week are: Rachael, Florence L, Georgina, Josephine and Florence A. Congratulations for your ongoing effort and hard work with your reading.
Our headteacher award winners this week are: Oliver for his super observational drawing of a plant in science which he had also annotated well, Fleur for showing great determination and perseverance to master her cursive handwriting. Edie for working so hard to increase her confidence in maths with great results. Megan for the mature attitude she has shown towards the booster groups and homework tasks all term and the SATs tests this week. Noah has been showing great determination with his handwriting and has really put in a super effort to keep the style and size consistent. Ami and Alice produced some beautiful detailed butterfly paintings, Maynard has been working hard with his phonics with great results and Cassie has produced some excellent writing and was congratulated for her lovely cursive writing which she is now joining beautifully.


Regan received a head teacher's award for his artwork based on 'The River'.
Millie has been doing some great problem solving in maths and has maintained consistently good presentation.
Continuing the maths theme, Amie's attitude towards maths has greatly improved.
Olivia Mai has used pasta to show the life cycle of a butterfly. Airlie and Felicity produced some super observational drawing and watercolour paintings of butterflies.
Alfie's overall attitude towards school has been impressing Miss Best and he is proving himself to be a great role model, always putting in 100% effort.
Charlie has also demonstrated  greatly improved attitude and behaviour in maths and literacy during the past few weeks. Keep up the good work everyone. We are all very proud of your achievements.

Our star readers this week are Lillie, Eloise, Ryan and Theo.

We were delighted to welcome Russell Boulton the CEO of the ieTrust to our good work assembly, he really enjoyed seeing the children getting their awards and was impressed with the way in the rest of the children celebrated their success.

April 2017

Well done to the creative sewing group, Leonie, Sophie, Evie, Megan, Rachael, Lillie, Alex, Georgina, Isabelle and Nathan) for working so hard with Caroline Hyde-Brown, you have produced some beautiful work.
Congratulations to Nathan and Rachael for attending a music play day last weekend, for joining in with the orchestra and most of all for having fun with other musicians.
Our star readers of the week are Erin, Santi and Joe  -  well done to all of you and keep up the good work.

This week's headteacher awards go to: Erin, for her super story about the bad-tempered ladybird. Maya, for being able to explain some of the perseverance quotations in Circle Groups this week. Charlie for listening to and acting upon advice given in golf and cricket sessions. Grace for your perseverance and determination towards your work since coming back after Easter. Evie for working enthusiastically in maths. Maisie for great determination and effort which has resulted in greatly improved spelling and Amelia for your increased confidence in Badger Class. Well done to each and every one of you.


Well done to all the children who entered the Spring Term art competition based on the artists' portraits we shared as a whole school between January and March. The judges were once again, impressed with the high standard of entries.

The winners were: Erin from Squirrel Class, Honor from Year 1, Bel from Year 2, Leonie from Year 3, Theo from Year 4, Millie from Year 5 and Noah from Year 6.
Well done to all children who entered.


This week's star readers are: Elsie, Hetti and Alexander.
Alfie and Tilly both received a headteacher's award for their super recounts of the Easter holidays. Well done to you both.
Freya and Elsie both wrote great stories based on 'The Bad Tempered Ladybird'
Josephine has made a great improvement with her handwriting - well done and keep up the good work.
Theo was rewarded for his enthusiasm towards Badger Class' new topic on rivers and mountains and Daniel has started the new term with renewed vigour and is working really hard to complete his work within the allotted time.
Well done to all our award winners this week!

March 2017

Well done to our end of term Head teacher award winners who have received awards for working hard all term. Congratulations to Jamie, Martha, Belle, Toby, Alexander, Joe, Nancy and Jack, we are all very proud of each of you.
Well done also to our Golden Stars this term, these are children whose behaviour has been recognised as exemplary, Ruby, Evie, Daniel and Finn.
We are please to announce that The Boars have kindly sponsored the school's new sports' shirts. Russell and Clare Evans came to officially hand them over this week and had a photo taken with some of the tag rugby team as well as the girls' football team.


Well done to our award winners this week. Jessica received an award for her enthusiasm towards Fox Class' guinea pig unit in literacy, she wrote a super leaflet and could remember lots of facts about guinea pigs. Theo is showing a really mature attitude towards all aspects of school life - keep up the good work Theo. Luke wrote a super prediction in his science experiment write up about wind resistance, beautifully presented and well explained. Brady has been impressing Miss Best with his playscript writing and has remembered the punctuation specific to writing a playscript. Evie wrote a super guinea pig information book which she shared with us all. Well done Evie. All of squirrel class were rewarded for their great collaborative working on their dinosaur traps. Well done to you all. Star readers this week are Edie, Finn, Angus, Alfie and Daniel. Keep up the good work! Yasmin has been swimming and has swum 420m. Luke won the Comic Relief red nose day cake raffle - enjoy!! Well done to Alex, who made and sold biscuits a few weeks ago to raise money for the World Wildlife Fund. She raised an amazing £51.50 which is a super achievement! Well done Alex!

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