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Dear Parents/Carers,
I hope that you have all had a lovely Christmas break and wish you all a happy new year for 2018. The spring term is now upon us and although it is a short first half term, we have a huge amount of learning to pack in! Next week, all children in Oak Class will sit their first set of proper tests that they have undertaken this year – they will take place on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. There is no pressure on the children to be revising for these at home as the aim is to find out what they currently know and where their gaps in knowledge are. We will not be reporting the results of these tests, but the children themselves will find out their scores the following week sometime so they should come home and tell you.
Booster Sessions
Booster sessions for both Year 5 and Year 6 will take place on a Wednesday morning, commencing Wednesday 17th January.
Year 6 - Year 6 will be working with Mrs Baker and myself in Oak classroom. During the first session they will be given a booster folder in which to bring their work back and forth to school in, and we will explain to them the expectations regarding the booster homework. As they will be collecting a lot of sheets across the course of the term, it would be very useful if they could sort another folder at home in which to store their marked work. The best type would be a ringbinder folder with plastic pocket wallets and dividers to separate Maths, Reading and SPaG. This can then become their revision folder to go through over the Easter holidays and as we approach the SATs tests.
Year 5 - Year 5 will be completing their sessions in the hall with a new member of staff called Mrs Stace, who they met briefly before the holidays.
Oak class’ main theme between now and Easter will be based around the topic of ‘World War Two’. We will look in depth at this period in time historically, but will also link it to other areas of the curriculum such as Art, Geography and Literacy. You will find a curriculum overview attached to gain more information about all of the subject areas. We will now be teaching the foundation subjects in blocks of units, so we will start by doing two weeks of Topic work first, before moving on to other subjects such as Science, Computing, Art, RE and PSHE.
I mentioned to the children before Christmas that in class this term we will be reading ‘Goodnight Mister Tom’ by Michelle Magorian. It would be really useful if your child could obtain a copy of this book either from the library or there are inexpensive, used copies available on Amazon. They will then need to ensure that they have this book in school with them every day across the term. As you may be aware, there are quite a few difficult themes addressed in this book that we will come across and discuss at an age-appropriate level with the children as necessary. In addition to this, we may also be watching parts of the film, which has a PG age rating, so please contact me in advance if you have any concerns about this.
PE and Swimming
PE lessons are changing this term so please be aware that they will now be on Tuesday and a Thursday afternoons, but we ask that students have their PE kits in school every day just incase we need to change the timetable. Towards the end of last term we had rather a lot of issues with children not having the correct PE kit or shoes in school on the correct day. It is extremely important that children have their PE kit as well as a pair of trainers in school so that they can participate in these lessons fully. Also a reminder here that long hair should be tied back and earrings should be removed or covered for these lessons.
Some children in the class will be selected to go swimming at Wymondham Leisure Centre this half term, and this will replace their normal PE lesson on a Tuesday afternoon. These sessions will take place once a fortnight but you will receive a letter nearer the time outlining the full details.
You should encourage your child to read regularly at home and to record their comments in their Reading diaries a minimum of three times per week. They have a list of questions stuck in the back on one of the ‘Notes’ pages to assist them in structuring their ideas and developing a range of different reading skills. Please ensure that they are answering a range of different questions and not just repeating the same ones; they need to put a tick in the relevant box to show that they have answered a question.
On the last day of term, every child went home with a pack of book recommendations suggested by the other students in Oak Class. Please could you check that if your child is a Free Reader, they are reading books that are suitably challenging for their age range.
Also, please feel free to write in the students’ journals in the Comments box, but encourage them to complete all of the rest themselves. I will collect these in once a week on a Friday morning to check the children’s progress, so please ensure that they have them with them in school every Friday.
Class Trips
We don’t have any class trips planned as yet for this term, but we will inform you if one becomes available.
Year 6 – Year 6 children’s homework will focus on work relating to the Booster sessions so will be handed out on a Wednesday and will need to be returned the following Wednesday. Please encourage the children to complete this homework independently; once they have had a go on their own, then feel free to go through it with them to check/advise but please do not do the work for them. If they need to leave a couple of questions out because they are unsure, that is fine as we will go through the methods and answers the following week.
Year 6 will also be given a more creative World War two related project to complete by the end of the term.
Year 5 – the students will receive their homework project log relating to their topic work that will cover a range of different subject areas for this half term, just as they did before Christmas. If they are struggling to complete a piece of work, please encourage them to come in and speak to one of us on the Monday/Tuesday of the week it is due in – it is no good waiting until the Friday to tell us that they couldn’t do it!
Some students may also be asked to practise their handwriting or times tables/division facts at home to help to improve these areas.
If you have any questions at all about these or any other matters, please feel free to arrange a time to come in and speak to me, or email me on hvyse93rt@nsix.org.uk. However, if it is a problem that your child could resolve themselves, please do encourage them to come and speak to either myself or Mrs Baker directly, as we are very much trying to embolden them to develop their own independence skills in Oak Class.
I am very much looking forward to another great term ahead!
Kind regards.
Helen Vyse
Oak Class teacher
Spooner Row Primary School
Station Road
Spooner Row
NR18 9JR

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