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A Mysterious Discovery

There has been great excitement in Squirrel Class this week following the discovery of a large egg in the outdoor area. We thought it might be a dinosaur egg. To make sure that it was safe, we wrote signs asking people not to touch it and to be quiet around it. There was no sign of the mother, so we decided to build some traps to catch her without hurting her. It worked because on Wednesday night one of the neighbours heard a screeching sound and contacted the Natural History Museum. Two of their palaeontologists drove up to Spooner Row to collect the mother and baby and take them back to London to look after them. They were so pleased with how well we had looked after the egg that they left us a toy dinosaur. We have called him Spikey.

We have all written instructions on how to look after a dinosaur and have sorted a collection of dinosaurs according to what they eat. We have learned the words carnivore, herbivore and omnivore. On Friday we looked at some fossils and some of us have made our own dinosaur fossil out of Plaster of Paris. We have also drawn and labelled a dinosaur and made flying pterodactyls.