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Badger Class - 20th January 2023

It has been a very busy and varied week of learning in badger Class this week with lots of fun, practical activities. 


The children continued their work studying Kandinsky's principles and started to create different work on wood as a new media that Kandinsky would also have used. 


The class have been learning about coastal erosion and coastal defences. The used different collage materials to create a model of a sea defence and then explained their model through a presentation to the rest of the class. 


We are lucky enough to have Mrs Jones from the Music Hub come in each week to teach us the violin on Thursdays. This week we learnt about the different parts of the violin and the bow. The children linked some of their science learning on pitch and volume to the sound made by the strings on the violin. 


In science, we continued to explore magnetism and we tested different magnets to see how strong they were. We then presented our results in a bar chart. Most groups found that horseshow magnet was the strongest and was able to attract the longest chain of ball bearings. 

We hope you enjoy all the pictures of our learning this week. 

Badger 27.01.23



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