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Badger Class - Spring Week 11

What a super exciting last week of term it has been! It was our British Science Week 2021 this week and the children were brilliant. The theme for this year was innovation for the future and in our class we focused on a Space Travel theme. We experimented with lots of ideas linked to this theme throughout the week. 


At the beginning of the week the children designed and made rockets to travel to the moon and then they created their own vehicles that would provide a comfortable journey across the moon. Then the children had to get their people back from space so they investigated lots of ideas to find out about the best zip line which would give a fast but safe descent! Overall, the children came up with some fantastic ideas and they thought really carefully about how to measure the results of each investigation and work out whether it was successful. And they had a lot of fun which is very important!

Finally, Badger Class continued their STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) learning by completing their moving monster models using syringes to create air pressure to make them operate pneumatically. There was lots of problem solving and resilience during this task. The photos show how the children were very proud of their creations. 

Congratulations to this week's award winners:

Anjali - Head teacher award for fantastic listening and responding to others

Oli - Head teacher award for great use of fraction vocabulary in context

Chris - Sports award for excellent cooperation and encouragement to his team mates

Erin - Star Reader for super use of well chosen expression during performance poetry

Congratulations to the Stars of the Term:

Olivia Mai - for showing such a positive attitude and a growth mindset approach

Isaac - for endless energy and enthusiasm for all his learning

Erin - for never giving up even when her learning is challenging 

It has been a very unusual term but Badger Class have coped so well and we are very proud of them all and their brilliant attitude. It has been a joy to have them back in school. 

Have a lovely Easter break Badger Class and we'll see you in next term.