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Badger Class - Summer Term - Week 11

Badger Class have been busy artists over the last two weeks as they have been studying geography and art through George Seurat’s artwork. He often painted scenes by rivers in France. He was one of the first artists to use pointillism. The children had a go at doing some studies of his artwork and tried his pointillism technique using felt tips. We looked very closely at the different coloured dots that would make up parts of the picture. Next the children started sketching their own landscape picture of the school grounds ready to continue working on next week. 

In maths, the Year 4 children carried on with their work on line graphs whilst the Year 3s got to grips with parallel and perpendicular lines by completing some active outside maths. They even made themselves into the different types of lines! 

In PE this week the children really enjoyed working on their hurdling and running technique. There were some excellent sprinters and lots of people really improved. 

There are quite a few awards to catch up on so a huge well done to the following people:

Headteacher Award - Finley, Isabelle, Lara, Felicity, Belle and Ami

Star Reader - Finley, Freya, Elsie, Sonny and Olivia 

Sports Star - Jacob, Wilf and Sophie 


Have a wonderful weekend. 

Miss Best