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Christmas in Germany


On Monday we learned about celebrating Christmas in Germany. We found out that German children open their presents on Christmas Eve. We all made and decorated a gingerbread house and a lantern. It was so much fun. We decorated Christmas trees because the tradition of cutting down a tree and bringing it in the house started in Germany. Mrs Newbery told us a story about a little boy called Tim, who chose to leave out his daddy’s big wellington boot, and how St Nikolaus came to visit him and made him think about whether it was fair to put out such a big shoe!

On Monday evening we all left a slipper out on our chair for St Nikolaus to fill with little treats. He was very busy delivering gifts to children in Germany, so he asked Mrs Newbery to help him out. We were very excited when we came in on Tuesday morning and found a little bag of gifts sticking out of our slippers.