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Design Technology - Healthy Fruit Snacks

Over the last few weeks, Badger Class have been researching, planning and making healthy fruit snacks. 

The three recipes that the children tried out were:

  • Frozen yoghurt fruit bites
  • Banana and strawberry smoothies
  • Raspberry lollies 

The children thought carefully about which snacks would be most suitable for children their age and which would be healthy but also encourage children to eat more fruit. They adapted the recipes to suit the dietary requirements of our class and remembered good cutting techniques (claw grip and bridge) from our last food technology unit. It was great to see the children try their food and give feedback on how they would further improve the recipes. The children used a range of fruit including passion fruit, mango, strawberries, blueberries, bananas and raspberries. 

Badger - Healthy Fruit Snacks