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Exploring fiction and amazing abstract art

It has been a super week in Badger Class as they have been exploring friction in science and trying to find the best material for a table football pitch. The children discussed the different properties of the materials and predicted which would be the most effective and why. Then they tested the different materials to see how easily a ball rolled on them. Children set up the experiment, took measurements and compared their results. What a super group of scientists! 

In art, we have been learning about different abstract artists including Kandinsky. The children have studied his work and looked at his principles. They then used different media (water colour, oil pastels and gouache) to create a Kandinsky inspired piece of art to reflect their own feelings and emotions. Have a look and see how well you think we have worked by Kandinsky's 5 principles. 

1. Express your inner feelings and don't just follow trends

2. Paint in abstract form (don't paint objects and things)

3. Use colour to show personality 

4. Treat art like music 

5. Be original 

20th jan