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Oak Class Blog - 18th March 2022

Science Week: 14th - 17th March 2022

This week, has been Science Week at Spooner Row and the children of Oak class carried out a week of science activities with enthusiasm, curiosity and commitment. They worked in teams all week, showing brilliant communication and team-work skills, producing some great learning. Throughout Science week, the children explored:

  • Creating chromatography flowers - investigating dissolving and absorption
  • Blooming Water Lily - investigating how water travels and can make paper expand
  • Spring Onion Growth - investigating what a spring onion needs to grow, with a focus on water type and weather temperature
  •  Creating a rainbow - investigating how water travels (like in a plant)
  • PMI - discussing the plus, minus and interesting points of growing bananas in Iceland
  • Creating their own plan for a greenhouse, with their chosen 8 crops

Please ask your children about the investigations they carried out this week. I know they will be enthusiastic in telling you about it. A wonderful Science week was had by all (as you can see from the photographs below). 

Comic Relief Day - 18th March 2022

The end of this week brought yet more excitement to Oak Class, as the children supported Comic Relief by wearing red and carrying out activities linked to the charity. A particular favourite was creating a habitat using Lego, for one of the red nose animals. Can you see which habitats the children created from the photographs below (rainforest, savanna, river & salt lake)?














Wishing you all a lovely weekend

Fiona Curtis