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Oak Class Blog - 25th March 2022

This week, Oak Class have enjoyed writing persuasive letters in English, creating ball-skills rallies and games in PE and converting measures in Maths. 


The genre we are currently studying in Oak Class is balanced arguments but we diverged from this slightly to write persuasive letters, in a bid to improve our schools quiet garden. Knowing what brilliant writers the children of Oak Class are, Mrs Furse set them the task of writing letters to local garden centres asking for help and donations towards creating a better garden area in school. The children were really inspired to come up with some great ideas and wrote some wonderful letters. We hope to get some responses soon. 


This week, Oak class have been exploring conversions to measures and time. They are working really hard to remember the different conversions and also how to work out intervals of time. 


Over the last couple of weeks, Oak Class have been practising ball skills to promote health and fitness. This week they were challenged to create a rally/relay task and a game using ball skills. The children came up with some wonderful ideas and really enjoyed this task, as you can see from the photographs below. 

 Have a lovely weekend!

Fiona Curtis