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Oak Class Residential Gallery

This week, Oak Class went on their residential to Thorpe Woodlands. It was a fantastic, activity-packed trip, which all the children and staff enjoyed. To quote the children from Oak Class: 

'The whole camp was brilliant, from canoeing to the energisers.'

'I achieved jumping off the Power Fan at Thorpe Woodlands, even though I was nervous at first.'

'Camp was fun and exciting, my favourite activity was caving which was dark but you had a little light on your helmet to guide you.'

'Tree Trekking was great fun and the food was amazing.'

'Thorpe Woodlands was great for trying new things and overcoming your fears.'

'I felt nervous at first but by the end I didn't want to leave.'

'The river jump was freezing but it woke me up.'

'The camp was so much fun, I enjoyed it all.'

'I felt scared at the start of some activities but when I did them I felt so proud of myself.'

'The instructors were all brilliant and made you feel you could do everything.'

'The activities are all amazing and it was good to spend all the time with my friends.'

'I really pushed myself to do the things that challenged me.'

'I really enjoyed zipping down the zip line and the river jump at the end of the canoeing activity.'

You can see for yourself how much the children enjoyed the residential from the smiles on their faces in the photos below. Well done Oak Class - you all challenged yourself and succeeded!