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Quad Kids Athletics Event

On Monday 25th April, a team from our school went to the UEA to enter the Quad Kids competition. The events were a 400m run, a vortex throw, standing long jump and 50m sprint. Our team had 10 children from Year 3 and 4 on it - 5 boys and 5 girls - and we were competing against 8 other teams from different schools. 

It was a fun experience because we got to leave school and travel to somewhere new. The atmosphere was very supportive and everyone was cheering everyone on. We cheered on other teams too. 

One of our favourite event was the 50m sprint because we got to go on the real race track with other people watching you and cheering lots. Another good event was the standing long jump because we did really well at this one. 

After lots of hard work, teamwork and effort, our team came 1st and were awarded gold medals and certificates. Lola also got a special certificate for determination. We told the class about it and stood up in assembly. We would love to do it again soon! 

by Lara, Nellie, Rose and Lola (Year 3 and 4)