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We love sport

The children were asked to reflect on the sporting events they have taken part in this year. Here's what they said:


I loved it all especially when you challenged different people from other schools.

Really fun and we worked together as a team.

I liked the different skills we learnt.



It wasn't just hitting the ball but doing other things aiming and throwing.

I liked the tennis relay race we did.

It was great because I got to do more of my favourite sport.


Girls' Football

We all worked as a team to shoot and tackle.

We helped each other and had fun!

I liked how competitive the other teams were, so it gave us a good challenge.

It really helped all of my skills.

We could cheer each other on from the side of the pitch.

It was really fun and amazing.



It was fun to try something new.

I liked playing against other schools and making friends from other schools.

Everyone was so supportive and the helpers were so kind and would be there for you if you needed help.

My bowling really improved.

It was fun and we all definitely improved.



The adrenaline pumps through me when I get to go on a sporting trip.

I like the way you can play against another school and it isn't too competitive and it is still fun.

I like it that you get to meet other children from other schools and see how good other children are.

I feel nervous and excited to go on a sports trip.

I feel proud because I represent myself and my team mates and have lots of support.

I'm really glad I did it even though I was a bit nervous at the start.