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Reviewing Support and Progress

How do we find out if the support  we provide is effective?

Monitoring progress is an integral part of teaching and leadership within Spooner Row Primary School.  Parents/carers, pupils and staff are all involved in reviewing the impact of interventions for learners with SEN.  We follow the ‘assess, plan, do, review’ model and make sure that parents/carers and children are involved in each step.  Before any additional provision is selected to help a child, the teacher, parent/carer and learner will agree what they expect to be different following any intervention.  A baseline will be recorded and intervention sessions tracked to establish whether the intervention has made a difference. We look closely at the impact data of interventions, to make sure that we are only using interventions that work.


Children, parents/carers and their teaching and support staff will be directly involved in reviewing progress.  


This review might be built in to the intervention itself, or it could be a formal meeting held once a term, where we all discuss progress and next steps. If a learner has an Education Health and Care Plan (EHCP), the same review conversations take place each term with the EHCP being formally reviewed annually. If the learner is receiving SEN support there will be termly review meetings held with the child, teaching staff and parents to assess progress and set new targets.


How else will I know what progress my child is making?

There are various other ways that parents at Spooner Row Primary School will know how their child is progressing at school. All children in the school receive a written report once a year, detailing attainment, progress and targets or next steps. We have Parent Evenings twice a year, which we encourage all parents to attend. We value the informal verbal feedback between parent and teacher as and when necessary.


We have daily contact through the ‘home-school’ reading diary, which many parents and staff use as a way of passing on information and asking questions. Parents are always welcome to come into school and look through their children’s work. We have weekly ‘Good work’ assemblies where we celebrate the achievements of children from each class.  

Progress data of all learners is collated by the whole school and monitored by teachers, SENCO, headteacher and governors.  We also take part in moderation with other schools to ensure that our judgments stand up to scrutiny.  Our school data is also monitored by the Local Authority and Ofsted.


All parents are welcome to attend this. We have a ‘Celebration’ assembly at the end of every term, where children who have made an outstanding effort that term are congratulated.


Also the voice of the child is seen as integral to progress and their views and opinions about their own progress and further support requirements are taken very seriously as are the views and opinions of parents. At Spooner Row we greatly value the views of parents.  We pride ourselves on our ‘open door’ policy and are always happy to discuss any concerns that you have regarding your child’s learning. We believe in keeping parents in the picture. We like to address issues before they become problems.
We will voice our concerns at an early stage so we can work together to overcome any difficulties. For those parents who are unable to get into school and speak to the teacher, we are happy to communicate with you via telephone or email.