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Vision & Values

We are a small village primary school located just off the A11 between Attleborough and Wymondham. Our number to admit each year is 15 children and we cater for children from 4-11 years old. We enjoy close links with the Spooner Row community, work closely in partnership with our local cluster schools and benefit from being part of the Enrich Learning Trust’s family of schools.  

Following consultation with our school community we have selected three core values to form our ‘ABC’ of learning…  






We value our pupils taking an ADVENTUROUS approach to their learning and to life in general. We want them to have a confident and curious attitude that leads them to aspire to be the very best they can be.  

Children at Spooner Row identify as being BRIGHT-MINDED and engage in shaping their learning through active discussion and debate. Pupils are encouraged to question and explore key concepts as part of a broad and balanced curriculum offer.  

Our strong sense of community promotes a family feel where each child is recognised as an individual. Pupils demonstrate a high level of commitment to CARING for others and building positive relationships. Children are encouraged to engage in the wider world outside of the school, making meaningful connections and broadening their horizons.  

We are exceptionally proud of our school and believe our children embody everything we are striving to achieve. We look forward to welcoming you to Spooner Row Primary School.

The illustration to accompany our ABC of values was deigned by Honor in Year 6 and along with her fantastic design she also submitted this explanation of her design to show the thought and care that went into it. All staff and governors were amazed by her creativity and thought it was such a fitting design to go with our new learning values.  

Why I chose this design


A = For adventurous I did a compass because a compass can lead and take you anywhere and so can our school. 

B= For bright-minded I did a sun rising from the ground because when you start school you go from the bottom to the top just like the sun. 

C= For caring I did two hands because Spooner Row Primary School is always ready to catch you through the ups and downs and give you help!

by Honor